Jean-Marie Vivier was born in 1942. After classical studies, he becomes a teacher.
At the same time he goes on tour with some friends and from 1966 he decides to go solo.

In 1967 he meets Jehan Jonas who will write numerous songs for him for about 12 years.
During a concert on 24th April 1970 he meets Felix Leclerc and, following his advice, abandons teaching; then follows a three week tour in Switzerland with Felix. The same year he is chosen to play the part of UBU ROI produced by the Centre Dramatique of Lausanne.

1978 sees his first tour in Quebec and the release of an LP produced by Polydor-Canada.
In 1987 he meets Yannick Mathias. Together they will write and compose many songs. In 1988 songs like 'Monsieur Petit' and 'Veillir' entered german school books, many more will follow.
In 1990 JMV put on a show to pay homage to Felix Leclerc, a show he will perform about ten times in different countries.

JMV has recorded two singles, eight LPs and about fifteen CDs among which a 'live' CD released in Quebec and another recorded in France featuring Felix Leclerc songs.

He has performed in many Cabarets ( night club or restaurant providing entertainment such as singing ): La Contrescarpe (Paris), Le Virgule (Caen), Les Baladins (Auray), Les Faux-Nez (Lausanne), Le Caveau des Trinitaires (Metz), Le Grenier de la Table ronde (Grenoble), Le Fil d'ariane (Lieges), but especially Le Bateau Lavoir in Nantes.
He has performed as well in Paris at the Olympia, Carre Silvia Monfort, Theatre du Vieux Colombier and Theatre Clavel. He has taken part in numerous radio and TV shows in France and abroad.

JMV has done many tours in France, Quebec, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Greece....